Feminist advise women to avoid feminist men

Women’s organisations are worried about a new breed of violence against women, a type of violence where men are not ashamed to hit women, a type of violence where other men cheer on the attacker, a type of violence that happens in public, a type of violence where it is recorded and uploaded to the internet where an increasing amount of people up vote or like the video.
This type of violence is male-feminist violence. Since being liberated by feminism women have been able to throw away gender roles but was it a good idea letting men become supporters of feminism?

Women who are being annoyed and oppressed by men are being the first to initiate physical confrontations often kicking and punching their male abusers, but a worrying trend is that men are fighting back or as some misogynist say ‘defending themselves’
Men who practice feminism have started to treat women with equality when it comes to fights and although there are many laws that punish a man for doing it they are still doing it.

But what worries feminist the most is the reaction on the internet, videos of women attacking men and then getting knocked out or ‘ass handed to them’ when the men fight back is being applauded and praised by a very large majority of internet users. One person whose attention this has caught is Catherine Cockburn the Toronto Womyns officer.
“It is just one of the by-products of living in a post-feminist society, if you are a woman and want to hit a man, make sure he is not a feminist because than he is more likely to treat you like an equal which will result in you being hit back.”

These 'justification' are found all over the internet and an increasing majority are feminist men who are typing it

These ‘justifications’ are found all over the internet and an increasing majority are feminist men who are typing it

Cockburn advises women to avoid feminist men and will soon be petitioning the authorities to have all feminist men registered just like they do with sex offenders and pedophiles.

“There is simply no arguing with feminist men on why they should never hit women, first they lack masculinity and are very ‘girly’ so there is no point in shaming them or telling them to ‘man up’, secondly emasculation and feminist-men go hand in hand, you cannot threaten an emasculated man he is already at point blank bottom with nothing to lose, thirdly and this is the most worrying but feminist men have found moral loopholes to justify their actions when hitting women, the most popular ones being or a similar derivative;
– ‘A man is allowed to exercise his rights in self defense’
– ‘I’ll start treating ladies like ladies when they start behaving like it’
– ‘Women wanted equality, well now it comes with equal responsibilities and consequences’
– ‘You wanna act like a man imma treat you like a man!’
If a man ever says this to you he is most likely a feminist and I urge women to avoid these type of men and alert the proper authorities.

The video below shows a lesbian woman who was defending herself from misogyny and homophobia by breaking the glass in the owner’s house and then punching him in the nose and taunting him to hit back, but what the women did not realize was that the man was a feminist, and he ended up punching her in the head. The video with more than half a million views has an 83% approval rate (Like to dislike ratio). 

The African-American community since being liberated by women’s suffrage has had a serious case of fatherless families or matriarchy this has resulted in black men not being educated by a fatherly figure in chivalry and feminist ideals have had to fill in the gap.
This video is of a woman repeatedly taunting a feminist man to hit her despite the man trying to get away from her. The video has a 91% approval rating with 180+ thousand views.  

j valenti

Jessica Valenti American blogger and feminist writer, known for having founded the feminist blog Feministing in 2004 claimed that the patriarchy is using equality to oppress women.
“Now we need a new wave of feminism to be more equal than men, I mean recently I saw this video on YouTube with over one million views and a way more likes than dislikes, at first I thought it was no big deal as the man was hiding in a store and defending himself from what I presumed from an aggressive man that was hitting him but then I saw it was a woman that was hitting him and I was terrified at how he violently abused her and literally threw her into a glass window shattering it or ‘defended himself’ as a rape apologist would put it as”

The video Valenti is talking about has over a million views and an approval rating of 96% it can be found in the link below

Valenti recommends mothers not to breastfeed their sons so boys are less likely to develop muscle mass (which in today’s industrialised age is obsolete and used to overpower and inflict violence towards women) thus girls will be equal to boys in physical strength and less likely to be raped.
It has already been a success in schools were the education system has been feminized and standardized so girls can finally compete with the boys and even outpace them, thus everyone can work and learn in a safe environment.


52 thoughts on “Feminist advise women to avoid feminist men

  1. You’re creating a huge misconception about male feminism. And you’re narrowing the definition. Please, consider editing. Or I may have to respond to this with a post, as a Male Feminist who does not believe in abusing women.

      • You are as stupid as any other feminist, this is a satire, there, I had to tell you because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to tell, you are a feminist indeed, Jesus!

      • This article takes “crazy” to even dizzier heights. Amazing! It’s like the inmates are running the insane asylum.
        It is NEVER okay to hit a man or a woman except in self defense. The great majority of domestic violence is initiated by women. See the Center for Disease Control statistics.
        There is no “patriarchy”. If there was? We’d have sent the girls and women off to fight all the wars, undertake all the dangerous and dirty jobs. The homeless would be 90% female instead of 90% male. And suicide would be 80% female instead of 80% male.
        Feminism is the cause of fatherless homes. The specific stated purpose of feminism was to destroy the family. Congratulations ladies! Thanks a lot.

      • Implying your subjective version of feminism is instructive of feminism in it’s entirety.

        Don’t ply “no good scotsman fallacies”.

  2. So in both videos you posted, the men did not claim they are feminist. They simply hit a woman. In both cases, they are provoked. In the video of the “Lesbo,” she was not defending herself from misogyny and homophobia if she went on the offensive and broke somebody else’s glass window. That’s like saying 9/11 was an act of self defense for Islam.
    I’m not encouraging hitting women or these women, I’m saying there was a sense of provoking in both videos.
    If you want to discuss feminism, one way I define feminism is equality among genders and sexes, not just that but among races, socioeconomic statuses etc. (Like between women of color and the white man.)
    Feminism in my eyes, is humanizing all instead of marginalizing. It deconstructs not gender norms, but how gender norms marginalizes populations. So as far as masculinity goes, for example. There is this assumption that men are alpha, and to be masculine you have to be a fighter tough guy type. This marginalizes those who are more pacifist, such as myself, as more feminine or “pussies” as the common slang goes.
    But when ONE human being, Raises his/her hand on another human being, THEY ARE NOT viewing them as equal. Through that physical contact they are expressing their authority, superiority, and dominance. This is true within rape, parents hitting their kids, domestic violence, fighting etc. Even the fighting sport of UFC exposes that. In that case it’s mutual consent so the degradation isn’t as present there. but in an actual fight? It’s to subjugate another.
    So in other words, this hitting you’respeaking of: Is NOT feminism. At least not to me, it’s subjugating another, as it would be if a man hit another man or a woman hit another woman. Look at the physical body language of both videos.

    Feminism is a subjective term I understand, you are welcome to define it however you like. but defining it this way marginalizes male feminists such as myself: and so you’re not welcoming me to the rejection of patriarchal oppression.

    I would hate to see misconceptions about concepts I identify with and as. Framing this as male feminism is marginalizing me. If you don’t consider either deleting (which is not necessary) or tweaking your wording, and not characterizing this as inherently male feminism, i WILL have to debunk this misconception being spread with facts, examples, and my own story which will sort of highlight this article.

    Sorry! I just hate being misunderstood! It’s enough that my own surroundings don’t understand my feminism or their own. I don’t need other feminists to do so 🙂

    Best of luck. I enjoy your writing style and voice. Feel free to check out my blog. I write about all sorts of random things. Including feminism.

      • LOL whoops. just realized that.
        Thanks for reminding me. I took it too literally -_-
        Request to blog admin to delete my comments O:)

      • Oh do keep the mangina’s explosion of verbal diarrhea while tilting at windmills visible for posterity.
        Anyone dumb enough to believe feminism has anything at all to do with equality or egalitarian goals deserves the ridicule they are bound to get.

    • First as already stated it was SATIRE.
      Second in Humanism what happened was that one human hit another human. Hitting another human in self defense ok but just going off and hitting other humans not ok.
      Third Feminism is men vs women comparing and not human vs human. Women hit men ok. Men hit back not ok and man goes to jail. You simply put some spin on it to fit some niche paradigm you have developed.
      Forth get some other hobbies and stop demanding some blog follow your stricter rules. You are not oppressed here for his satire and in fact it sounds like you are being the oppressor with your threats. It is obviously you do not understand yourself fully yet.

      • Lol I took it seriously. Didn’t realize at the time it was satire. Already requested for my errors to be removed. Thanks for feedback.

  3. I face palmed at this. If you want equality then be prepared to get hit back when attacking someone as a women. That’s what a guy does to another guy, and if you want equality, then that is what he’ll do to you if you hit him too

    • “If a man ever says this to you he is most likely a feminist and I urge women to avoid these type of men and alert the proper authorities.” Alert Authorities for what? Why? What did they do? Practice self defense when a person of the opposite gender hit them? There is such thing as female rapists and abusers. This shit will make their actions legal if they push a little to make it seem like they were wronged.

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  5. Bottom line here folks, If men hit women, they goto jail.
    If women hit men, they goto jail.
    The problem is for a while now, law enforcement have been getting extra bonus dollars for male arrest statistics, while no extra federal dollars for female arrest statistics…….which is problematic.

  6. If a woman is punching you in the face and violating your home and breaking shit you punch her right the fuck back that is how things should be. Otherwise you mean to tell me that men should just go into a fetal position when being attacked by a woman because hitting her is wrong no matter what?

    • Absolutely right. It’s no good women behaving badly then crying or using the “poor little victim” act just because they can’t get their own way. It’s manipulation. And as more women seem to behave like ladettes, drinking, fighting, mooning (which is the worse kind of male behaviour) any man subjected to this nonsense would have to have considerable restraint not to lash out at them.
      It is interesting to note that the authorities also deal with ladette women like any other mindless individual and they get man-handled, hand cuffed and locked in a cell over night too so it makes no difference what they claim to be.

  7. The article is utter nonsense. All these labels flying about. Bottom line is, if you behave badly you had better come to expect a bad reaction whether you are male or female. Behave better and see the difference it makes.

  8. The CIA have used Feminism to destabilize society and break down the traditional family unit. The principle is that the mass populous are easier to control when they are divided and in conflict. Setting one sector of the community against another is a tried and tested method and it can be seen where religious groups are in conflict, also where different races fight, in battles between the rich and poor, employed verses unemployed, men verses women, etc. None of us should not be fooled by these techniques. Wake up, know who you are, be authentic and the illusion can be seen for what it is. Here is a link explaining the link between Feminism and the CIA: http://www.rense.com/general21/hw.htm

    • Oh please, spare me. Feminism is not a CIA tactic to divide us and make us easier to control. It’s CLEARLY a muslim tactic to divide us and make us easier to conquer!

  9. “Valenti recommends mothers not to breastfeed their sons so boys are less likely to develop muscle mass (which in today’s industrialised age is obsolete and used to overpower and inflict violence towards women) thus girls will be equal to boys in physical strength and less likely to be raped.” is this even for real? why not cut their penises and be over it? you feminists are SICK people and i’m saying this as a woman.

  10. This is the best satire and double standards for men in the new feminist world.
    You Sr. has won all of my internetes and am sending you a telepathic kiss on the lips (No HOMO) .

  11. Oh dear the old feminist archetype is trying despretly to gain back it’s place by over throwing men, screw equality and justice for all. We’ve had 30 years of this twattle and which I had bought until i asked a simple question. “Do you think it okay to cut off part opf someone;s body without their permission?” They said YES when it is male circumcision. But not when it is female mutilation. We will not fight against male circumcision because we don’t want to water down our fight against female mutilation. This reained their speech even after the USA protected females from even drawing a ceremonial drop of blood. That was 17 years ago. So you see this OLD feminist movement is a dinosaur REX without teeth. They are the laughing stock of today’s mod feminists. Today they seek equality for all in all things even bringing into vogue the word ‘\cunt’ bring the sister of cock. and why not it’s been used for 4,000 years Egyptian. Use this word to know who’s who. I give thanks to my niece and her generation for truly being nice to all people. It’s feminism that supports equality even with men’s tights in mind.

  12. Excuse me, but I don’t care who is hitting me. If some guy comes up to me to start a fight, I’ll try my best to knock his ass out. If a girl tries to start a fight with me, I’ll do the same. After all, why should a woman be allowed to beat up on a man? Equality is not just the goods but the bads too. If you’re going to say you can’t hit a girl, you have to also say you can’t hit a boy. The whole breastfeeding thing is ridiculous; how dare you suggest that male children shouldn’t receive proper nutrition as infants because they may become stronger than infant girls who invest the same milk? My favorite part of this though is how the author thinks it’s a perfectly fine video when it’s a man defending himself from another man, but if he’s defending himself from a woman he falls into the same category as sex offenders. You actually make me sick. Educate yourself before you do some damage.

  13. That is how it is supposed to be. Using physical violence is wrong even for a woman. What is being advocated here is for women to feel free tobeat on some white knight that respects women because he is not feminist do to his chivalry. So it is ok to hit that guy.

  14. I’m basically right between genX and genY but I keep in touch with younger culture a lot.

    I can fairly be described as an anti-feminist. I did grow up with feminism so I am a product of my times and my anti-feminism has nothing to do with wanting to rule over women or to be superior to them.

    What shocks me about the world is the extent to which women are not held responsible as much as men. What shocks me is the extent to which women don’t even seem to aspire to be responsible. I’m utterly shocked by the degradation in intellectual life in several domains, as women’s voices get more heard. I’m just repulsed by the low standards that everyone expects women to adhere to.

    I don’t idealize traditional societies but I do admire that in traditional societies everyone, men and women, had very high standards to adhere to. Women, for the most part, were expected to become full adults too!

    Unlike a lot of misogynists throughout the ages,I don’t think women should just be left to be overgrown kids.
    I am an anti-feminist because modern feminism is about making the world safe for overgrown girls and I wish women would aim for higher than that.

    It therefore makes sense that I completely disapprove of the old “never hit a woman” concept.
    The only concession I make to it is that I would probably let a woman get away with *a bit more* than I’d let a man get away with. But there is no way that I’d let a woman glass me in the face or try to pierce my skull with her high heels and do nothing about that. Adults are to be held responsible for their actions.

    PS : No I don’t actually get into fights. I haven’t fought since primary school and I avoid being in situations that attract fights. Still, I would defend myself as I see fit, If i need to.

  15. Are feminists really this stupid? Or is it parody? If you offer violence, expect a violent response. As a male who is biologically stronger, I prefer to respond with *proportional* force, but if you come at me with a lethal weapon I am going to snap your neck.

  16. So, the modern feminist will advocate child abuse and neglect of boys only, to keep them weak, so that women can dominate them physically later in life as adults. Jessica Valenti is a female supremacist, sexist bigot.

  17. This has to be a joke. Can people really be this stupid? I just can’t believe anything on this site is anything other than a joke. Maybe I just don’t get out enough but have women really become this stupid?

    You invent feminism to be treated equally and when you finally start to achieve it, you complain about being treated equally?

    Sorry, but being equal means having equal responsibilities and consequences for your actions.
    It’s fucking pathetic that you want to wimp out of it because things are getting a little too hard.
    Utterly pathetic.

  19. one major reason to simply not get involved with feminism. get roe v. wade on the books, fight for equal pay, and access to contraception. do all this because its what YOU believe, not because a feminist wants you to champion their cause or they will hate you

  20. Of course women who attack ANYBODY should expect retaliation – but this article saying this is all about male feminists is really taking the mickey and how any individual with a brain can be so thick that they cannot see that this is just a sly piss-take is beyond belief…

    So in other words I don’t believe anybody but a ‘worthy’ feminist wouldn’t get it 🙂

  21. Wow, you want to be treated equally and you think women should be happy, but then you tell other women to avoid a man who believes in feminism. Isn’t that a good thing? He is trying to help you achieve these rights.

    Nah fuck this shit, I’m moving to Mars. I’m losing hope and faith for humanity, might as well stay away from them. Otherwise I will turn retarded like lots of people on this planet.

  22. Fems and libs hate violence, the preach equality yet they are mad they get hit back in any regard. Makes no sense. Don’t go on the attack unless you understand you’re going to be attacked back

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