Can a fart be misogynist?

Top feminist academics that have respectable diverse doctorates from medieval art, 6th century English to Women’s Studies gathered at the University of Toronto meeting center to discuss if human flatulence could be sexist.

Ashleigh Ingle a proud feminist and an anarchist argued that because of patriarchal gender norms women were not allowed to release gas in public because of men’s unreal expectations of women to be clean and feminine. Furthermore she articulated that if a woman was to fart in the presence of a man and the man responded by farting louder than the woman, than that would be rape.Untitled-1

“By farting louder the man is using passive aggressive violence to position himself as dominant, this intimidates the woman to subconsciously not release as much flatulence and thus the woman fearing for her safety doesn’t fart as loud as a sign of submissiveness, this in turn contributes to rape culture and women being oppressed.”

Most women who experience #FartRape are too intimidated to report the sexual violence.

Most women who experience #FartRape are too intimidated to report the sexual violence.

The discussion boiled down to women’s bodies once again being controlled by society and women being told what to do.
Local activist Steph Guthrie a feminist advocate and community organizer who specialises in social media and interactive events proposed an online campaign to tackle this misogyny that “keeps women down and trapped in their own bodies. I just find it horrific that the patriarchy has been controlling women’s flatulence this whole time and we have just realised this now, it is time for feminist worldwide to re-educate women on how they are being discriminated against.

Guthrie’s twitter hash tag #FartRape has started to trend as women are taking control of their own bodies by naming and shaming men guilty of fart rape. Guthrie hopes the guilty men will be identified and then their workplace will be called up and their employer will be notified the type of person they are harboring in the workplace.


But Ingle argues that it simply isn’t enough, “Don’t tell women to fart louder tell men not to fart so loud” This is clear victim blaming and government should pass laws to make male farts above a certain decibel illegal to make human flatulence equal and not discriminate against women.

Unidentified Fart rapist. Image taken at  Wellesley subway station on unknown train line.

Unidentified Fart rapist. Feminist are warning any women on the Wellesley subway station to be on the lookout for this man

Science advocates have argued that because of sexual dimorphism men are larger, need a higher protein intake and thus can relieve more flatulence, but the speakers at the conference were adamant that it was a socially constructed gender norm that oppressed women to the point that they physically do not release equal amounts of gas as men.


217 thoughts on “Can a fart be misogynist?

  1. This is why they are the perpetually offended. When you have no other problems to complain about, you invent problems; if you have no struggles on your day to day lives, live a life of privilege and are not threatened by anything which cannot be dismissed as a 1st World problem, then you have to sink this low to pretend you’re relevant.

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  3. Kill yourselves you fucking whiny retarded shits who complain and bitch about every damn thing please jump off a bridge

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  6. yeah some really big dude sticking a tube up his butthole, forcing the other end of the tube into your butthole, and then pumping long massive & gassy farts out of his cavernous bowels into your colon would be pretty traumatic.
    oh, that’s not what “fart rape” is?

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  8. Feminism is a mental disorder. It really should be listed in the DSM. Treat with lithium and a nice healthy man fart to the nasal appendix, several times per week for no less than 2 months.

    • Feminism is to Communism what the cough is to lung cancer.
      Communism is what needs to be exterminated, regardless of what euphemism (Liberalism, progressivism, Democrat, etc.) it hides behind.

  9. This woman is obviously insane. So we should pity her. Except she has a soapbox. So we need to destroy her soapbox. And then pity her. And get her the help she so desperately needs.

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  12. Um… just got this link belatedly from a friend. This IS A JOKE…. right?? I mean, there is nobody that could be this stupid in real life. This has got to be an internet version of Saturday Night Live. Somebody…. anybody…. looking for some assurance here. This is a joke, right? This Ingle ninny doesn’t really exist, right?????

    • Surely it’s a farce parody, something. Cannot fathom someone spending this much time, capital, whatever, over flatulence. Epitome of a first world problem

  13. I blast my farts on Feminist’s all the time! They even burn upon release, so you can imagine the level of toxicity, but it’s ok because i don’t think the toxicity level of my farts will top that of a typical feminist in her very being.

  14. I have celiac… I didn’t get diagnosed until after my 20s…
    I have cleared man a room & out gassed many men….

  15. As an anarchist, I find this to be such a draconian topic for “feminists” to be discussing, when they should be discussing issues like child sex slaves in america, or anyone who is brainwashed to stay with an emotionally crippling person/people. Or worse yet, how about the fact that governments and corporations are working together and constantly suppress everyone who isn’t rich or white and target middle and poor class citizens? Seriously, this woman who calls herself an “anarchist” really doesn’t have a clue what true suppression is. A fart is a natural function of many species, whether it be human or animal. So saying that you were raped by a fart is like saying that you were raped by a burp. People like her make me sick because everytime they say something stupid, they give actual anarchists not just a bad name or a bad reputation, but also make anarchists look stupid.

  16. My wife can, and does, fart way louder than I do. It’s silly to assume she’s raping me! I thought this article was a joke at first. Now….I’m just shaking my head:(

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  19. ‘Fart rape’ completely obliterates the idea that women can be down-to-earth, reasonable people- destroying any hope of equality. If this is actually a true theory put forth, I am going out of my way to express my disdain and derision at any woman who subscribes to it. I can’t believe I am the same gender as you are! Get over yourself. You aren’t campaigning for equality any longer, that stopped about 20 years ago. Now you’re continuing to campaign for female dominance and trust me, you won long ago. You disgust me. The fact that these idiots (Guthrie and Ingles) are actually proposing that we take a picture of men who fart loudly, and report it to employers, makes me want to laugh at the idiocy of so called feminists. This whole culture of females claiming to be victims of men, claiming that things are so skewed in favor of men, is a big fat lie. I am a women, I know how many advantages I get simply for having a vagina. I realize that the feminists will be sitting there thinking “this poor lady is so oppressed she doesn’t even know it, I need to be offended on her behalf!”. Fuck right off, I am not a victim, I am not oppressed by any man- I am oppressed by your ridiculous insistence that women need to be LIBERATED STRONG INDEPENDENT and offended by every little insignificant thing a man does, to the point of calling someone who accidentally farts a rapist. I can be whatever I want to be, thank you very much. You are perpetuating the perception that women are victims and are continually put down by men. In my experience men bend over backwards to avoid being misogynistic, going so far as to avoid standing up for themselves when women assault them verbally or physically. Sounds to me like men are being oppressed by your need to be a victim. I have never felt degraded or oppressed by a man to be honest, maybe once or twice in my life, whereas the times I have been bullied by women are too many to count. Women are allowed to get away with bullying, gossiping, and putting others down simply to feed their need to be superior. You all need to look at yourselves in the mirror and understand how absurd and laughable you are making our gender. Go do something useful with your life. Reasonable women everywhere need to squash this theory.

  20. You fat fucking feminist go fist yourself with the baseball bat you keep to scare off the rapists that will never come. You’re too ugly to be raped.

  21. I can’t find any secondary source to back this up. However it’s dumb enough to be true after the feminist glaciers academic paper that was published. Pretty sure I have fart-raped my boyfriend numerous times since he won’t challenge me back when I let one rip. What? Farts are hilarious and I can’t be with someone who doesn’t find them funny. Just no Dutch-ovening. That’s where I draw the line. I would like to live to see the next morning, not die by methane.
    This whole article is hilarious I gotta find out if it’s true!

  22. LMFAO ! So this article was a result of feminist academics … well it’s obvious why you don’t find very many female scholars … THEY’RE CONCERNED ABOUT MEN’s FARTS ! Are they envious that they can’t fart as well as us ? Or this another case of Freudian penis envy, but now it’s fart envy ? Lmao … you chicks need a better hobby… maybe some cooking and cleaning skills ?

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  24. This woman makes me lose hope for the future.

    I swear she is retarded and mental in the head.

  25. Next time I see a retarded feminazi say something like this, I will go up to her, slap her in the face and let out a wet diarrhoea fart out onto her face, and she can taste my shit!

  26. I guess they’ll have to start posting warning notices in Mex restaurants: “Men: Don’t eat burritos! They might make you rape somebody!” ;-b

  27. wow… I can’t believe fart rape is an idea purposed at an institution of higher learning… And Ashleigh Ingle is a feminist and an anarchist? Surely those can not be coexisting ideas in her mind. She is certainly far too sensitive to survive anarchy. Being whiny doesn’t put food on the table, nor does it defend itself from hungry thieves.

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  29. By farting louder the man is using passive aggressive violence to position himself as dominant, this intimidates the woman to subconsciously not release as much flatulence and thus the woman fearing for her safety doesn’t fart as loud as a sign of submissiveness, this in turn contributes to rape culture and women being oppressed.”

    I laugh a lot, this is the stupidest thing I have read in my whole life. “the woman fearing for her safety”.

    At the tribunal:
    Judge: Why, Mr X, did you killed that poor women?
    Mr X: Your Honor, it is because she farted loudly.

    The funny (and sad) thing is that girl is serious. As a men, I do not fart loudly in public, it would makes me feel so uncomfortable and ashamed. If someone fart in public as loud as possible no matter if this person is a girl or a boy, I would think this is a vulgar person. Period.

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  31. …Think about what you just said, feminists.
    You just said that it’s possible to engage in non-consenting sex, against someone’s will, by FARTING IN THEIR GENERAL VICINITY.
    Given that rape requires sex, that disproves fart rape instantaneously because a fart is NOT sex.
    And besides, can women fart-rape too? Because if only men’s farts are rape, then why don’t you come out and say that being male and EXISTING is a form of rape?

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